1200m – Alishan Oolong Tea (fragrant)

1200m – Alishan Oolong Tea (fragrant)


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Alishan is one of the most famous tea-producing regions in Taiwan, and Oolong tea is one of the most representative tea varieties in Alishan. This type of Oolong tea is grown in tea gardens at an altitude of around 1200 meters, and is known for its fresh aroma and light taste. Unlike other Oolong teas, this type of Oolong tea undergoes strict fermentation processing, but during the fermentation process, its tea leaves are roasted multiple times to remove moisture, and at the same time, obtain a special roasting aroma. This unique processing method creates a fresh tea aroma and a delicate taste, making this Oolong tea extremely popular in the tea industry. In addition, the production of this Oolong tea requires very high technical skills and careful hand processing. During the production process, the tea leaves must be roasted at the correct time to achieve the best taste and aroma. Therefore, this tea has a very high quality, not only with a fresh aroma and a delicate taste, but also an elegant appearance and exquisite handcraft. Overall, 1200-meter Alishan Oolong Tea (clear fragrance) is a highly distinctive and high-quality tea, renowned for its fresh tea aroma and delicate taste. It is one of the precious legacies of Taiwanese tea culture and a must-try for tea enthusiasts around the world.

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