2200m – Dayuling Oolong Tea (Fragrant)

2200m – Dayuling Oolong Tea (Fragrant)


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1 piece / 150g

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Dayuling oolong tea (light fragrance) is a high mountain tea grown at an elevation of 2200 meters in the Alishan mountain range of Taiwan. It is known for its delicate and floral aroma, with a smooth and refreshing taste. The tea leaves are grown in a cool and misty environment, which contributes to its unique flavor profile. During the processing of Dayuling oolong tea, the tea leaves undergo a strict selection process, followed by withering, rolling, oxidation, and baking. The tea is then carefully hand-rolled and roasted to bring out the best flavor and aroma. Because of the high altitude and challenging environment, the production of Dayuling oolong tea is limited, making it a rare and prized tea. Dayuling oolong tea has gained popularity among tea lovers for its unique flavor and aroma, as well as its potential health benefits. It is said to aid in digestion, promote weight loss, and improve mental clarity. The tea is a must-try for any tea connoisseur looking for a premium high-mountain tea from Taiwan.

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