Japanese Sencha

Japanese Sencha


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1.Organic green tea, organic green tea from Uji, Kyoto, Japan, professional roasted tea masters use unique tea fermentation technology to make the aroma of this tea more intense

2.Authentic Japanese sencha, deep steamed for a rich, naturally sweet botanical flavor, using the first tea leaves picked in the spring. Loose Leaf Deep Steamed Sencha Green Tea Brew a delicious cup of green tea, low in caffeine and high in nutrients

3.You can enjoy fresh tea buds. The perfect balance of rich flavor, subtle astringency and tender sweetness makes for the perfect green tea only available today, Japanese sencha

4.Both hot and cold brewing make it easy to enjoy delicious sencha green tea. The hot brewing method preserves the health benefits of the tea and helps keep you energized throughout the day. Cold brewing sencha is considered to have excellent flavor and texture, especially Refreshing drinks on hot summer days

5.Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages in Japan. Sencha green tea contains many plant bioactive compounds, catechins and is rich in vitamin c

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