2000m – Fushou Lishan Oolong Tea (fragrance)

2000m – Fushou Lishan Oolong Tea (fragrance)


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1 piece / 150g

庫存單位 2000m - Fushou Lishan Oolong Tea (fragrance) 分類 ,

Fushoushan Qing Xiang Oolong Tea, grown at an elevation of 2000 meters, is one of the most prestigious teas in Taiwan. It requires a high level of expertise and skill in both cultivation and processing to produce this tea, which is renowned for its clear and refreshing taste. The leaves are carefully handpicked and then withered, rolled, and oxidized to the perfect degree. The resulting tea has a delicate, floral aroma and a smooth, mellow taste with a slightly sweet aftertaste. The tea liquor is a clear, golden color and has a refreshing, clean finish. Fushoushan Qing Xiang Oolong Tea is highly sought after by tea connoisseurs for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. It is considered a treasure of Taiwan’s tea culture and is a must-try for anyone who appreciates the finest teas in the world.

重量 150 公克
Product weight Single/g


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