1500m – Alishan Oolong Tea (fragrant)

1500m – Alishan Oolong Tea (fragrant)


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1 piece / 150g

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The 1500-meter Ali Shan oolong tea is one of the representative teas of Taiwan’s high-altitude tea areas, and it is also the top-grade among Ali Shan oolong teas. Because it grows in tea gardens above 1500 meters, it is affected by cold weather and strong sunlight, which makes the growth rate of tea leaves slow and the quality of leaves especially excellent. This oolong tea has a unique clear and floral aroma, and a very fresh and elegant taste. The tea leaves need to undergo strict fermentation and baking during the production process to maintain its fresh tea aroma and taste. In addition, it also has excellent resistance to brewing, and the brewed tea soup is clear and bright, with a rich and mellow flavor. This high-quality oolong tea is very popular in the Taiwanese tea market and deeply loved by tea lovers. It is one of the top-grade teas in Taiwan in terms of quality and taste.

Weight 150 g
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